The season finale to “Every Rose Has Its Thornton” aired last night and we are still reeling from what may have been the Emmy-nominated series’ best finale yet. There was a very different tone this time around compared to last season’s finale that left viewers hanging when titular character Ben Thornton got in a car accident. Thankfully, we found out he was fine after last season’s collision but we aren’t sure how well he will bounce back from last night.

The episode began where it left off last week, with Ben alone at home deciding whether or not to spend one of his last day’s Tallahassee with his high school friends or Theresa, the girl who Ben has bee pursuing all season long. The decision was quickly made and Ben chose to follow his gut feeling and spend the night with Theresa, a choice that “Every Rose” executive producer Almighty Universe believes was obvious given Ben’s character throughout the season.

“When writing the finale, I tried to think of what would be a nice resolution to the show’s Tallahasse arc,” Universe said. “When Ben first started this journey at FSU and in Tallahassee back in season three, he was a much different person. He was much more reserved and stuck in groups that he knew and eventually made new friends but ultimately he stuck to what he knew. Now, we see him breaking away from that normalcy and choosing to make a decision that was up to himself without giving in to pressure, something he has struggled to do all series.”

Ben having to make critical decisions was a recurring theme throughout the finale. All season long, fans have been wondering whether Ben would admit his feelings to Theresa and if she would reciprocate them. Fans finally got their payoff in last night’s penultimate scene where the two had an intimate scene at a photoshoot. Although Ben didn’t tell her his feelings or get the closure other character’s believed he needed, it was a nice resolution to Theresa, a character that fans inititally weren’t crazy about in earlier seasons but really shined in these past 12 episodes.

“We’re going to miss Theresa for sure and she brought a special energy on set that’s going to be hard to replicate in the future,” Universe said regarding the last appearance of Theresa in Every Rose. “She was great for sure, but this was a move that we have anticipated for a while. I’ve seen some fans claim that Ben is simply cowering out of telling her but I wholeheartedly disagree.

“We see him there with her taking photos and you can see the indecision on his face and he has his moment, this window of opportunity, and he neglects to take it because he knows nothing good will come from it. He just wants to enjoy this moment with her and smile and there’s something really human about that.”

And that’s really where Every Rose shines. It brings out these human moments that are hard to replicate on the silver screen. Many Beresa fans out there may not agree, but this was the best possible scenario for the two ever since episode 9’s reveal that Ben wasn’t going to stay in Tallahassee.

It’s definitely not an easy, clean-cut resolution to the season but this season has been far from easy for Ben. We see him lose his car in the season premiere and even get into another accident later on. But it was this season where we really see Ben struggle in Tallahassee. He’s had these Hackathons and so many friends but now he’s graduated and his friends are out of town and he sort of sinks into this slump where he loses himself a little. But in scenes with Theresa you can sort of see that life breathed back into him and its like a high to him.

So when he’s alone with her and the camera, fans are left on the edge of their seat about whether or not to clue her in on what he’s feeling. And when he doesn’t, we have this moment where he gets dropped off and still smiles and we’ll have to wait for next season to know for sure but you get the sense that he’s going to be able to get over this and find that breath of life she gave him more often without her.

So where does Every Rose go from here? Ben’s out of Tallahassee and the subplots with Keegan Connolly and Jamal end in a way where the options are pretty much wide open of what happens now. Rumors have been speculating that Jamal David is headed to Atlanta where fans will “hngggghh” at the idea of watching one of their favorite characters chase the perfect 9/10.

“It’s a spinoff we are definitely interested in establishing,” Universe said. “Jamal has always been a fun character, but we aren’t sure how much of an audience he could attract on his own.”

Perhaps they will do what they did with the Marcus Mitchell spinoff show that branched off from the critically-acclaimed series “Getting By” with star Nick Archer. Jamal could be given a spinoff and then have it put on hiatus when the plot dries up like Marcus since his move to Eustis. Universe has said he’s willing to give Marcus the spinoff back thanks to Marcus’ large fan base, but Marcus has stated he is fully-committed to “Getting By” and the Nick story.

As far as Every Rose is concerned, Ben could potentially move to Atlanta by next season’s premiere where Jamal will surely play a large role in the plot. If not, then the most likely move for Ben would be in Michigan where he would live with his sister Rebecca, who had a larger role in the series in its first two seasons but has since disappeared and had a brief cameo earlier this season. There has also been speculation that while Every Rose is on break, Ben himself will serve as a recurring character on “Getting By” and fans are licking their chops at this possibility after seeing the crossover special episode “Township” that not only featured Marcus and Nick but the return of Caroline Ladley.

No matter where he ends up, Every Rose Has Its Thornton is definitely going to return and although we may be done with the Tallahassee arc of Ben’s story, there is a strong and promising future ahead of the series.

Until then, make sure to tune in to the Emmy’s in Sept. to see if Every Rose wins Best Drama Series and if Ben, Theresa, and Jamal can win their respective Emmy’s against stiff competition.